Kvaliteetne õigusabi

Law Firm LMP on behalf of the society

Law Firm LMP supports organisations that are important to Estonian society.
We render free legal aid or legal aid with special price, and offer free trainings or trainings with special price to the following organisations:
AIESEC is an international student organisation, which gives good experience to the youth by enabling managing experience and international experience to them. AIESEC is one of the biggest youth organisations in the world by being represented in 113 countries and territories, and by uniting more than 86,000 young people over the world.
2. Eesti Korteriühistute Liit
Eesti Korteriühistute Liit(Estonian Union of Cooperative Housing Associations) protects the interests of apartment and housing associations on national and local level. By today, the membership of the union has raised up to 1,436. Eesti Korteriühistute Liit represents Estonian apartment associations in the following international organisations: ICA Housing; CECODHAS Housing Europe; Baltic Union of Cooperative Housing Associations (BUCHA).
3. Eesti Omanike Keskliit
The aim of Eesti Omanike Keskliit (EOKL, the Central Association of Estonian Owners) is to protect the interests and rights of homeowners. By today, EOKL unites over 63,000 homeowners. EOKL supports homeowners to conduct joint initiatives and interrupts when homeowners are being attacked. EOLK has helped to contest detailed plans, which jeopardize home environment, and participated in several other activities when the homeowner in trouble wishes not to show his or her name.

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