Law Firm LMP on behalf of our team

Motivated and competent lawyers are our biggest asset. To motivate our staff we arrange company events (incl. events outside the office in winter and summer) and offer performance pay in case of good results.

Our lawyers regularly participate in trainings and seminars to assure their competence.

In addition, we observe the work load of our lawyers and keep it reasonable. It is common in large law firms that procedural documents are being sent to the court on the very last day of the dead line and right before the midnight. The procedural document would then be composed at the time when a lawyer has been working for 15 hours as a normal working day starts around 9 am.

We believe that our lawyers should have private life and hobbies in addition to work, and hence we do not consider overtime to be reasonable. In addition, it is clear that a lawyer having worked for 15 consecutive hours makes mistakes more likely and thus this work load would influence the quality of legal aid very negatively.

Rested, motivated, and competent lawyers are the bases for our high-quality legal aid.