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Robert Sprengk’s career comprises more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer and being as an attorney-at-law since 2017. Long-term work experience has provided him varied experience in the area of justice, innumerable cases that have enabled him to master different laws and multiple opportunities to help a vast number of clients. In his attorney’s duties Robert values most the abundance of different problem areas and a variety of clients, flexibility and personal challenges.

Robert actually does not prefer any specific area on the legal landscape. He likes all aspects and if anything might be highlighted, then it would be the Penal Law, which he has been intensively dealing with during the last three years. With his calm, determined nature that focuses on the objective he is able to achieve success in situations in which others would become exhausted and might give up. Robert is especially motivated by finding the core of the matter and the solution thereto.

Outside working hours Robert is keen on fishing and catching of crayfish in summer. He is also involved in charity and has practiced different sport events during earlier periods. In the Law Firm LMP he values the high quality of the team because working together generates synergy.

Birje is the right person private persons and enterprises can turn to when legal aid is required – either in extrajudicial proceedings or court action, or when a consultation, a preparation or a review of a contract is needed. Her strengths include integrity, concreteness, determination and thoroughness in order to help the client find the best possible solution.

She is helpful and caring and tries to find solutions to problems and settle burning issues. In attorney’s work she is mostly attracted by its variety – each case is unique and one never gets bored. Perpetual self-development is always guaranteed! Outside working hours Birje likes travelling and discovering new places.

Grete is active in the area of Civil Law and mostly deals with issues concerning Family Law, Law of Succession and Contract Law. Her strengths include settling disputes and delving into the client’s objectives and the nature of problems. Being an empathetic person, she likes to cooperate with the client to find the best solution.

During her studies in the university Grete became aware of the wish to become a lawyer. The most attractive aspect of the lawyer’s work for her is the opportunity to study complicated and burning issues and solve conflicts people are not able to manage by themselves. As a person orientated on the results, Grete perceives motivation in the results of her work, when people can get back their peace of mind or their rights are acknowledged.

Arvo as a lawyer is orientated on solutions and sees opportunities where other people see obstacles. Thanks to his long-term experience he is very competent in issues concerning Contract Law and is motivated by the complexity of the case. He enjoys working in court and thanks to life-long practice he is outstandingly good at it.

According to nature Arvo is dedicated and thorough. He likes challenges and when the task seems to be impossible, he wants to prove otherwise. Arvo does not let things go with the flow; he prefers control and active management to direct the situation in the desired direction. Outside working hours he enjoys snowboarding and motor-cycling and back-packing.

When Päivi went to study law, she was initially convinced that would like to become a judge. The more she was involved in court and the law firm, the more she became convinced that she would like to become a lawyer! Päivi likes challenges and enjoys the variety of her tasks and solving people’s problems.

In addition to law Päivi has studied nursing science. Thanks to working and studying simultaneously and having varied life-experience, she has become a strong person not afraid of complicated situations. She considers environmentally-friendly way of thinking and nature protection important. Päivi spends her free time hiking and being in nature.

Tanel’s responsibility includes the smooth and efficacious management of the Law Firm LMP. He is delighted by the possibility of communicating with people and arrives at work in a good mood every morning, knowing that he can associate with people and obtain new ideas by listening to them. Tanel likes to observe the team working together so that certain symbiosis is generated he can be proud of.

Being a father to three children, Tanel also likes to be a leader at work and rather sees the enterprise as a family. He values supportive interior climate and knows that trusting, effective and developing team can form a solid basis for a substantial enterprise. Being a reasonable and complaisant person, he focuses on feeling happy about simple things. Outside working hours Tanel boosts up his adrenalin by his hobbies, which include snowboarding, motor-cycling, bungee jumping or hang-gliding