Tanel Melk

Tanel MelkCEO



Tel: +372 7 300 400


Estonian, English, German


Tartu University, Faculty of Law (MA)


since 2011 – Law Firm LMP, member of the managing board, CEO

Additional information

Tanel’s responsibility includes the smooth and efficacious management of the Law Firm LMP. He is delighted by the possibility of communicating with people and arrives at work in a good mood every morning, knowing that he can associate with people and obtain new ideas by listening to them. Tanel likes to observe the team working together so that certain symbiosis is generated he can be proud of.

Being a father to three children, Tanel also likes to be a leader at work and rather sees the enterprise as a family. He values supportive interior climate and knows that trusting, effective and developing team can form a solid basis for a substantial enterprise. Being a reasonable and complaisant person, he focuses on feeling happy about simple things. Outside working hours Tanel boosts up his adrenalin by his hobbies, which include snowboarding, motor-cycling, bungee jumping or hang-gliding