Intellectual property and IT law

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is a right that protects the fruits of intellectual work. These include inventions, trademarks, copyright works and other creative expressions. The owner has the right to control the use, distribution and commercial exploitation of their work. Therefore, the protection of intellectual property is especially important for companies that want to protect their brand, products and services from competitors. We offer a variety of services to help clients register and protect their intellectual property and thereby promote their business.

Analysis of contracts

In the field of intellectual property, contracts are very important as they guarantee ownership and the rights related to its use. We carefully analyse a client’s existing contracts and drafts to identify potential weaknesses in intellectual property matters. Our goal is to ensure that the protection of the client’s intellectual property is maximised and legally certain.

Registration and protection of intellectual property: patent and trademark applications

We help clients register and protect their intellectual property. Our services include filing patent and trademark applications and protecting existing intellectual property against illegal use.

Contracts relating to intellectual property

Creating, acquiring, transferring and licensing intellectual property are complex processes that require special agreements. We draw up contracts and agreements tailored to the client’s needs, thereby ensuring the protection of intellectual property and legal clarity and certainty.

Drafting intellectual property provisions

Intellectual property is also important in employment relations, so it is necessary to include intellectual property provisions in employment contracts and authorisation agreements. We draw up intellectual property provisions to ensure the protection of clients’ intellectual property and the fair distribution of rights and obligations in employment contracts and authorisation agreements.

IT Law

IT law is a branch of law that supports companies that deal with or are exposed to information technology to a considerable extent. IT law covers a wide range of topics related to the development, use, licensing and sale of software. In addition, IT law covers matters related to the processing of electronic data and to privacy, e-commerce and cybersecurity. IT law is essential for all businesses that deal with IT in their core business, including software companies, web developers, e-commerce companies and other IT companies.

Drafting and reviewing IT contracts

We help companies draw up IT contracts, such as software development contracts, license agreements, cloud services and other contracts. We also review existing IT contracts to ensure they meet legal standards.

Ensuring data protection and privacy

We help companies understand and comply with data protection and privacy requirements. We draft privacy policies, data processing agreements and other documents related to data protection as well as advise on the implementation of the GDPR and other laws. You can learn more about data protection here.

Dispute resolution

We help companies resolve disputes related to IT law, such as intellectual property infringements, copyright infringements and other infringements of the client’s rights. We represent clients both out of court and in court.