LMP Robert Sprengk

Robert Sprengk

Attorney at Law / Managing Partner

Misdemeanour and Penal Law, Settlement of disputes, Law of Obligation, Contract Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Administrative Law

Arvo Kivar

Arvo Kivar

Attorney at Law

Construction Law, Detailed Planning, Public Porcurements, Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law and start ups, Court procedure, Tort Law

LMP Grete Kirsimaa

Grete Kirsimaa

Attorney at Law

Family Law, Law of Succession, Labour Law, Contract Law, Law of Obligation, Settlement of Disputes

LMP Birje Kalmus

Birje Kalmus

Attorney at Law

Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Public Procurements, Taxation Law, Contract Law, Insurance Law, Labour Law, Data Protection, Settlement of Disputes, Family Law, Law of Succession

LMP Päivi Margna

Päivi Margna


Family Law, Labour Law, Law of Succession, Contract Law, Law of Obligation