Court proceedings

Court proceedings are legal proceedings where courts resolve disputes and decide legal matters. LMP Law Firm represents clients in a wide range of cases, from civil and criminal to administrative and arbitration proceedings, and defends clients in both misdemeanour and criminal cases. We provide our clients with legal advice, preparations for court proceedings, representation in court and other services related to court proceedings. Experienced attorneys-at-law can help clients defend their rights and represent their interests in court proceedings.

Some of the matters that LMP Law Firm can help you with during court proceedings:

1. Agreements on jurisdiction and applicable law

Agreements on jurisdiction and applicable law are important legal documents concluded before entering into an international agreement or when the parties want their relations to be regulated by the law of another country. The purpose of such agreements is to clarify in which country potential disputes should be settled and which law should apply to a particular dispute. The role of the law firm is to help clients understand their rights and to ensure that agreements meet their needs and are legally valid.

2. Negotiations for out-of-court dispute resolution

Negotiating out-of-court dispute resolution is often faster and more cost-effective than going to court. We help clients negotiate and, based on the protection of the client’s interests, achieve the most favorable result possible.

3. We represent our clients in court

Representating in court includes representation of clients in civil and administrative cases and defence in misdemeanour and criminal cases. Our team has extensive experience in litigation and provides our clients with effective legal assistance in court proceedings. We help clients build a strong litigation strategy, assess potential risks and ensure proper representation at all court instances.

4. We represent clients in arbitration and in labour dispute, lease and public procurement review committees

Labour dispute, lease and public procurement review committees specialise in specific areas of law and resolve disputes in those areas. We help clients prepare for these disputes by submitting the necessary documents and representing them before the committees.

Advice in court proceedings

The attorneys and attorneys-at-law at LMP Law Firm have prepared some practical advice for court proceedings. These are general guidelines and do not constitute legal assistance.