Penal law ja criminal procedure

What is penal law?

Penal law is the branch of law that regulates the legal consequences of criminal offences. This includes the prohibition of criminal offences, the imposition and application of penalties, and legal protection in criminal proceedings.

What is criminal procedure?

Criminal procedure is the process used to investigate, prosecute and adjudicate criminal offences. It usually includes police and prosecution procedures, judicial proceedings and the imposition of a sentence in the event of conviction. Criminal procedure can concern both individuals and legal persons.

LMP Law Firm assists its clients in criminal law and criminal procedure matters, both in pre-trial procedure and in court, by advice and representation. Our attorneys-at-law have in-depth knowledge of both Estonian and international penal law and criminal procedure, which allows us to represent our clients in the best possible way.

What kind of assistance does LMP Law Firm offer?

Advice and representation in pre-trial procedure

We represent clients during the pre-trial procedure, helping them communicate with the police and the prosecutor’s office and protect their rights.

Defence in court

When a criminal case is taken to court, we assist the client in every way possible by submitting documents, attending witness hearings and otherwise defending the client’s rights.

Compensation for damage caused in criminal proceedings

Not only suspects, the accused, acquitted persons and convicted offenders, but everyone who has suffered harm, including the victims and civil defendants, can claim compensation for harm caused in criminal proceedings.

In which criminal matters do we offer protection?

Crime related to office

Crime related to office includes fraud, corruption, bribery, violation of public procurement requirements, abuse of power and more. Our experienced attorneys-at-law specialising in penal law provide legal advice and representation during both the investigation and the trial.

Economic crime

Economic crime covers a wide range of activities linked to the economy and the handling of financial assets. For example, this category includes breaches of accounting obligations, fraud in financial reporting, tax fraud, money laundering, corruption in business transactions and breaches of competition rules.

We have in-depth knowledge of economic and criminal law and their specific areas. We help clients with both suspicions and accusations related to economic crimes.

Crime against property

Crime against property includes theft, robbery, fraud, embezzlement and abuse of trust.

We provide our clients with legal assistance in the case of crimes against property, helping them defend themselves against false accusations and ensuring a fair trial.

Crime against a person

Crimes against a person are crimes that are directed at another person and harm their body, health or freedom. Examples of such offences include murder, causing bodily harm, sexual offences, trafficking in human beings and acts punishable as deprivation or restriction of liberty.

Our attorneys help clients accused of crimes against a person, securing their rights in court and representing them throughout the process.

Drug-related crime

We advise and represent in the event of drug-related criminal charges, including where clients are accused of possessing, selling and using drugs or committing other drug-related crimes. We give legal advice on possible defence strategies.

Medical crime

Medical crime involves crime related to the provision of health care and the use of medical equipment, which may harm the health or well-being of patients. Such crimes may include, for example, violations of patient rights, the provision of inappropriate health services or misdiagnosis, fraud related to medicines or the illegal sale of medicines.

Among other things, LMP Law Firm assists in resolving and challenging the following matters:

We advise on any issues that may arise and provide support during examination. We help make decisions in the process, as the choices can be difficult.

We also represent civil claimants and victims in criminal proceedings.