Labour law

LMP Law Firm assists and advises clients in labour law matters.

What is labour law?

Labour law is a branch of law that regulates employment relations, i.e. the relations between the employer and the employee. Labour law sets out the rights and obligations of employees and the respective obligations of employers. Labour law is important for both employers and employees and aims to ensure a fair and balanced relationship between the employee and the employer.

LMP Law Firm deals with the following labour law matters:

Drafting and conclusion of employment contracts

Attorneys at LMP Law Firm can help you draft employment contracts and analyse the legal compliance of existing contracts.

Labour disputes in a labour dispute committee and in court

If misunderstandings have arisen between the employer and the employee, for example, as regards wages, termination of the employment contract, granting of leave, performance of work duties, employee/employer liability or any other issue arising from the employment contract, our attorney can assist in clarifying the legal situation. If necessary, an attorney can also represent the client in a dispute.

Temporary agency workers

Employees who have been hired through a temporary work agency and have a contract with the agency rather than the employer for whom they actually work are considered to be temporary agency workers. We can help with legal issues related to temporary agency workers, including drafting employment contracts and other contracts and negotiating with temporary work agencies. We can also help and guide employers and employees with regard to the terms and conditions of employment applicable to temporary agency workers, the rights of employees and the employer, and labour disputes. We can assist in assessing and managing the legal risks associated with the use of temporary agency work and advise on legislation and regulation issues to ensure that the use of temporary agency workers is legally correct.

Internal rules and regulations

Internal rules and regulations are documents that regulate the internal processes of a company to ensure the safety of the working environment, the protection of the rights of employees and the efficiency of work. These documents define the company’s rules and standards, including working hours, working time and holiday arrangements, workwear, job duties, worker responsibilities and much more. The preparation and maintenance of these documents is an essential obligation of the employer and is also one of the prerequisites for the employer’s compliance with the applicable legislation.

We can help companies draft, analyse and renew internal rules and regulations We can represent clients in disputes related to the company’s internal procedures and rules. We also advise clients on drafting their privacy policy and personal data processing rules. We help prepare occupational health and safety regulations and analyse and update existing rules.

Collective agreements

Collective agreements are written agreements between the employer and employees’ representatives that regulate working conditions, pay, leave, working time arrangements and other terms and conditions of employment. Collective agreements are important in helping to maintain a fair and balanced relationship between the employee and the employer and reduce the likelihood of labour disputes and strikes. We can advise both employers and employees in drafting collective agreements, participate in negotiations and, if necessary, advise them in contesting collective agreements and solving any legal problems that have arisen.

Negotiations with trade unions

Trade unions represent the interests of employees and their aim is to ensure better working conditions, pay and other benefits for employees. LMP Law Firm can provide legal advice and help employers negotiate with trade unions to reach a mutual agreement. Attorneys also help employers monitor compliance with collective agreements and, if necessary, resolve disputes.

Lay-offs or pay cuts

If an employer is planning to make a lay-off decision or to reduce employees’ pay, it is important to carefully prepare the process and carry it out in accordance with the applicable legislation. We can advise employers on the applicable legislation and practices and help the employer draw up a legally correct lay-off plan. We also advise in situations where the employer is planning to cut wages, so as to avoid subsequent disputes with employees.

If an employee has been laid off or their pay has been reduced, the law firm can provide them with legal assistance. We can advise employees on their rights and help negotiate with the employer. If a dispute is referred to a court or a labour dispute committee, the law firm can represent employees in legal proceedings.

In addition, the law firm helps to ensure that lay-off decisions or pay cuts do not discriminate against highly protected workers or groups of workers and are carried out in accordance with the law.

Bankruptcy proceedings

Labour law issues are important in bankruptcy proceedings from the point of view of both the employer and the employees. When a company is bankrupt, the requirements of the Employment Contracts Act must be taken into account before making any decisions. For example, if employment contracts are terminated as a result of a bankruptcy petition, the employer must comply with the legal requirements regarding advance notice and compensation of employees.

We can help employers and employees in the event of bankruptcy by clarifying the requirements arising from law and case law. In this way, we can ensure that bankruptcy proceedings are conducted in full compliance with labour law. We can also help workers in bankruptcy proceedings to claim compensation and protect their rights.

In the event of the employer’s persistent insolvency, we can help employees get their wages by initiating bankruptcy proceedings.

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