Public procurement

Public procurement is the process through which public authorities and legal entities in public law order goods, services and works from private companies. The purpose of public procurement is to ensure that public money is used efficiently and responsibly, while giving businesses opportunities to provide services and products to the state and thereby boost the economy. Public procurement is governed by rules set by the state and must meet certain quality, price and other criteria. A proper procurement process is essential to avoid corruption and to make sure that money is spent wisely. It is therefore important for businesses to be familiar with public procurement rules and to seek legal advice, where necessary.

Procurement documents

We advise and help clients in the preparation of procurement documents. We advise on how to prepare the documents for the procurement process and how to submit successful tenders to ensure that you have a chance of winning while avoiding mistakes that could disqualify your tender.

Procurement procedure

We assist clients in conducting the procurement procedure.

Preparation of a compliant tender

We advise the client on the preparation of a compliant tender.

Disputes related to procurement

Our attorneys represent clients in public procurement disputes, including in procurement procedures, disputes arising out of the award and performance of public contracts, and termination and amendment of public contracts. Our attorneys are able to successfully represent clients both in out-of-court dispute resolution and in court proceedings.