Arvo Kivar

Attorney at Law

Main areas of activity

Construction Law
Detailed Planning
Public Procurements
Contract Law
Intellectual Property Law and start ups
Court procedure
Tort Law


Estonian, English, Russian


Tartu University, Faculty of Law (MA)
Tartu University, Faculty of Economy (MBA)


since 2018 – Law Firm LMP, attorney

Law Firm Kivar & Partnerid
Skanska, Chief Lawyer
Nordea Bank, Lawyer


Estonian Bar Association

Additional information

Arvo as a lawyer is orientated on solutions and sees opportunities where other people see obstacles. Thanks to his long-term experience he is very competent in issues concerning Contract Law and is motivated by the complexity of the case. He enjoys working in court and thanks to life-long practice he is outstandingly good at it.

According to nature Arvo is dedicated and thorough. He likes challenges and when the task seems to be impossible, he wants to prove otherwise. Arvo does not let things go with the flow; he prefers control and active management to direct the situation in the desired direction. Outside working hours he enjoys snowboarding and motor-cycling and back-packing.