Robert Sprengk

Attorney at Law / Managing Partner

Main areas of activity

Settlement of disputes
Law of Obligation
Contract Law
Bankruptcy Act
Commercial Law
Administrative Law
Penal Law


Estonian, Russian, German


Tartu University, Faculty of Law


Since 2020 – Law Firm LMP, attorney-at-law
2017 – 2020 Law Firm Barrister, attorney-at-law
1999 – 2017 Eesti Energia AS, lawyer and leading lawyer
1998 – 1999 AS Tartu Õlletehas, AS A Le Coq lawyer
1996 – 1997 Tartu City Court, consultant


Estonian Bar Association
The Estonia Chamber of Bailiffs and Trustees in Bankruptcy


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Additional information

Robert Sprengk’s career comprises more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer and being as an attorney-at-law since 2017. Long-term work experience has provided him varied experience in the area of justice, innumerable cases that have enabled him to master different laws and multiple opportunities to help a vast number of clients. In his attorney’s duties Robert values most the abundance of different problem areas and a variety of clients, flexibility and personal challenges.

Robert actually does not prefer any specific area on the legal landscape. He likes all aspects and if anything might be highlighted, then it would be the Penal Law, which he has been intensively dealing with during the last three years. With his calm, determined nature that focuses on the objective he is able to achieve success in situations in which others would become exhausted and might give up. Robert is especially motivated by finding the core of the matter and the solution thereto.

Outside working hours Robert is keen on fishing and catching of crayfish in summer. He is also involved in charity and has practiced different sport events during earlier periods. In the Law Firm LMP he values the high quality of the team because working together generates synergy.